You Speak Hope


Ahmad (not his real name) contacted us recently to let us know just how important hearing the gospel message has been for him. Nearly thirty years ago, when Ahmad was just a young boy living in Iran, he owned a radio that he used to listen to in his bedroom. In the darkness of the evening, he would hunker down with his radio and a flashlight, searching for broadcasts.

“One of the broadcasts I found was yours,” he says. “You would read the Scriptures and invite the listeners, as if they were dear friends, to receive the Word of God.”

“Eventually I wrote to you and received a copy of the New Testament, even though I was not yet twelve years old.”

Years passed, and Ahmad forgot the religious questions he had pondered as a child.

Then one day, while browsing online, Ahmad suddenly remembered the voice he had heard on the radio so long ago. He searched for information about the radio program he used to listen to, and came upon Words of Hope’s Persian website. “I was so delighted to hear your voice again,” he says. “I decided to write to let you know that there was a child who, before going to sleep every night, used to listen to your voice.”

Now Ahmad can read the Bible and listen once again to Words of Hope audio programming, now available online—all because faithful Jesus-followers like you are stepping forward as the voice of hope that reaches across borders to tell others about Jesus.

Ahmad says: “I am sincerely grateful to God for what you have done. Now my wife and I are following the teaching of the Savior.”

There are still many people like Ahmad waiting to be introduced to Jesus Christ around the world. Your prayers and gifts are enabling the gospel to go out to them. Thank you!


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